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Gala Inmobiliaria Internacional is a very well established real estate company all around the Costa del Sol. You can find your dream property or build it.

Minimum Cost

Provide low cost to build your own property if you fancy that

Best Marketing

We are expert in the property market, high exposition high results

Easy to Search

You can find your property in a simple and easy way


We offer a high level of security and privacy in the real world and in Internet

Services that we provide

Gala Inmobiliaria Internacional is ready to furnish you, quickly and effectively, with all services you could require or need. No matter which kind of problem you coud have, one of our expert will take care of it.

If you require a mortgage to buy, we are in contact with all main banks in Spain and are in a position to get the best terms and contitions for you

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Agathe Smith

Architect and interior decorator

Gala Inmobiliaria Internacional has always been very helpfull and co-operative. I am prepared to use their services any time I need something related with real estate

John Clark

Industrial Engineer

Gala Inmobiliaria Internacional has demonstrated efficacy and effectiveness. They are really professionals

Lora Momen Smith

CEO, Momens Group

Gala Inmobiliaria Internacional is alwys in the best position to help.